Harrison House Designs

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Who We Are

At Harrison House Designs, we take care to provide our customers high quality screen printing personalized for their unique needs.
Harrison House Designs is family-owned and operated in Natrona Heights, PA. 

We can print up to 48" x 60" designs. Contact us with your project idea and we will figure out what setup will work best.

Each design is hand printed in our studio and we will work personally with you during the initial setup time and every printing after.

We provide a variety of printing services including:

Water Soluble Ink for Light Fabrics

The most recognizable of the "wash out" inks, this blue ink shows up well on lights and prints. Not sure what ink to use? Send us a sample of fabric and we'll let you know!

Blue ink washes out with soaking in clear water. 

Water Soluble Ink For Dark Fabrics

Interested in printing on dark fabrics? We offer a light grey ink that shows up well on darks. This ink can be removed with clear water or with a steam iron.

This option is great for workshops as you can remove the lines without having to deal with buckets of water!

Design Services

If you have an idea but aren't sure how to make it happen, we also provide design services at an hourly rate.

Why Us?

Harrison House Designs is the wife and husband team of Aasta and Dan. We have backgrounds in fine art and take great care in our prints. Aasta has been part of the quilting industry from birth and has worked professionally in the quilting industry for 20 years. Not only will we approach your project from an artists standpoint, but as part of the quilting industry we can advise you on fabrics, sizes and what will do well in the market. 
Contact Us:

Harrison House Designs
13 Pine Street
Natrona Heights, PA  15065

TEL: 716-861-0866